How many calories are in Stir?
Each serving of Stir is just 10 calories, and delivers the benefits of slow release energy with just 2 net carbs, and the nutrients potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, amino acids, plus a gram of beneficial prebiotic fiber.  
Is Stir natural?
Stir is 100% natural!  We use the highest quality Certified Organic Coconut Palm Nectar. Sourced from farmers with generations of experience gently dehydrating the sweet nectar from the delicate flower blossoms of the coconut tree. And a proprietary blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients developed to create the best sweetener you'll ever use.
Is Stir Vegan?
Yes, Stir is vegan, unrefined, and non-GMO!  
Does Stir have gluten in it?
Stir is naturally gluten free!
Where is Stir made?
Stir is made right here in sunny Southern California!  
Does Stir contain fiber?
Yes, each serving of Stir contains a gram of healthy prebiotic fiber.  
Where can I buy Stir?
You can purchase Stir right here on: shop.stirsweetener.com
Is Stir safe to use when pregnant or breast feeding?  
Yes, Stir is safe to use when pregnant or breast feeding but if you have concerns it's always good to consult with your physician.
Is Stir safe for diabetics? 
Stir is very low on the Glycemic Index, so it doesn't spike your blood sugar.  This makes it suitable for those with diabetes.  
Can you bake with Stir?
Yes! We love baking with Stir and the best part is you can use Stir Sweetener to substitute sugar in any recipe because the sweetness levels are the same! In general, 1 cup Stir = 1 cup sugar. Check out our recipe page for some tasty inspiration!
Does Stir have an aftertaste?  
Stir has no aftertaste, and tastes great in both hot and cold beverages.  
Is Stir available in bulk?  
Stir is available in 14 oz resealable bags. Large bulk sizes are available for the food service industry. 
What makes Stir sweetener better than other sweeteners and sugar substitutes? 
Not only is Stir low glycemic, it provides a gram of fiber per serving, has 37% fewer calories than sugar, and has naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
Is Stir known to cause allergic reactions? 
There are no known allergic reactions but as you know it is made with Certified Organic Coconut Flower Nectar.
How many packets are in each carton of Stir? 
25 packets
Is Stir safe for the environment?
Stir is made from the single most sustainable sweetener in the world. The coconut trees provide nectar that is dehydrated into evaporated coconut nectar granules. They also promote forestation and create ecosystems that support multitudes of plant and animal life. 
Baking tips:
Recipe calls for packed Brown Sugar? When your recipe calls for packed brown sugar add 2 Tbsp of Stir per 1/2 cup.
Cookie dough drying out? Try removing 1/4 of the flour from your recipe or adding a 1-2
Tablespoons more of Stir. 
Check your baked goods about 5 min early. Stir can speed up baking times.   
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